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For that extra bite in the morning, Robusta coffee is for you. Robusta coffee beans contain more caffeine and less sugar than arabica beans to give you a more bitter, grain-like flavor with a peanutty aftertaste.





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Robusta tastes more bitter than arabica. This bitter flavor is in part due to the higher caffeine content. It's also higher in chlorogenic acid (CGA) which has a bitter flavor, it contains around 7-10% CGA, where Arabica has around 5.5-8%. CGA. There is also about half the sugar content in robusta. Overall robusta is described as tasting earthy, harsh, grainy, with hints of burnt wood/rubber, and an aftertaste of peanuts.


  • Higher caffeine content than arabica
  • More bitter flavor
  • Needs to be cross pollinated

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Profile: Less-clean after-taste, bittersweet chocolate notes, creamy with low acidity heavy body
Place: Africa and Indonesia
Process: They are processed for human consumption locally or abroad through batch roasting, freeze drying, sun drying, or the traditional manual drying.
Pairing: Sweet Breads: Zucchini bread with nuts, banana nut bread, or pumpkn bread with nuts.



No, it's not a typo; we do mean Espressino. This espresso beverage can be prepared in two different ways. We follow the northern Espressino recipe from Italy - where we use Nutella instead of cocoa powder. 


The Galão is dangerously close to the caffe latte or cafe au lait. Galão is prepared with one-quarter of our Robusta-espresso blend and three-quarters of foamed milk served in a tall glass.


Eiskaffee is German for ice cream coffee. Traditional Eiskeaffee is made with a vanilla bean ice cream that nicely accents the coffee flavor. However, we prefer to shake things up with other flavors like Rocky Road or Butter Pecan with our Arabica blend.