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Flat White

Foamy and frothy is the best way to serve any flat white. The flat white consists of our Robusta-espresso blend with microfoam. It's similar to a latte but typically smaller with less microfoam. The higher coffee to milk ratio creates a velvety consistency that allows espresso to be the dominant flavor.



Flat White

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A flat white is an espresso-based drink that contains steamed milk. That much is probably already obvious.


  • Contains dairy
  • Foam, foam, and more foam
  • It's not a latte or cappuccino

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Profile: Rich and smooth, full-bodied, syrup and chocolate notes
Place: Australia or New Zealand
Process: A flat white has one or two shots of espresso but microfoamed milk is used to create a velvety texture with no foam topper – the milk runs right through the coffee.
Pairing: Oatmeal Raisin Cookies: Light to medium roast coffees are ideal for pairing with the lighter flavor of oatmeal raisin cookies.



No, it's not a typo; we do mean Espressino. This espresso beverage can be prepared in two different ways. We follow the northern Espressino recipe from Italy - where we use Nutella instead of cocoa powder. 


The Galão is dangerously close to the caffe latte or cafe au lait. Galão is prepared with one-quarter of our Robusta-espresso blend and three-quarters of foamed milk served in a tall glass.


Eiskaffee is German for ice cream coffee. Traditional Eiskeaffee is made with a vanilla bean ice cream that nicely accents the coffee flavor. However, we prefer to shake things up with other flavors like Rocky Road or Butter Pecan with our Arabica blend.