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Excelsa is the popular variety of coffee, which often gets confused with Liberica and Robusta coffee beans due to its similar beans and taste. Scientifically acknowledged as Coffea Dewerti, Excelsa contributes to 7% of coffee production around the globe. 




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Excelsa has a distinctive tart, fruity, dark, mysterious taste. In blends, it enhances the middle and back palate and lingering finish of the coffee, giving the cup more substance and power.


  • Brewed using a French press
  • Taste of coffee is controlled by the right amount of coffee powder and sugar
  • Often confused with Liberica and Robusta

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Profile: Sweet mellow, acidity, smooth & rich caramel and nut tones
Place: Vietnamese
Process: The taste of coffee can be controlled by right amount of coffee powder and sugar. The right choice of brewing method will help to reduce preparation time, control bitterness and enhance taste.
Pairing: Cake and coffee is a classic pairing. Carrot cake is fantastic with Colombian coffee and that nearly any type of cake is great with any coffee you have.



No, it's not a typo; we do mean Espressino. This espresso beverage can be prepared in two different ways. We follow the northern Espressino recipe from Italy - where we use Nutella instead of cocoa powder. 


The Galão is dangerously close to the caffe latte or cafe au lait. Galão is prepared with one-quarter of our Robusta-espresso blend and three-quarters of foamed milk served in a tall glass.


Eiskaffee is German for ice cream coffee. Traditional Eiskeaffee is made with a vanilla bean ice cream that nicely accents the coffee flavor. However, we prefer to shake things up with other flavors like Rocky Road or Butter Pecan with our Arabica blend.